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Nourishing Intentional Relationships - it's such an important practice, and yet often times seems so difficult to accomplish. This weekend is designed to encourage and guide us as we seek to deepen our relationships with those whom God has placed in our paths.

Keynote speaker, Dina Deleasa-Gonsar, is the creator, writer, and television personality behind the popular food blog DishItGirl.com. Dina will be sharing her family traditions and personal insights from her life as a mom, wife, sister & friend. She has a passion to equip women to draw their relational strength from the Lord.

Dina's messages, combined with unique and educational breakout sessions, will afford us time and space to learn needed skills to further our relationships with others. Daily distractions can be put aside for a time, food can be lovingly prepared by someone else, and the Spirit of the Lord can reveal Himself to us in a powerful way!

Space is limited. Register soon!

Gathering Times

Friday, Feb. 10
5:30- 8:30 PM

Saturday, Feb. 11
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

What to Expect

  • You may want to bring a journal/pen.
  • Dress as comfortably as you would like – there are no dress codes here!
  • Friday evening will include dinner. Saturday will include a continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day.

More about Dina

Breakout Sessions

We are excited to tell you a little bit about the four breakout sessions that will be offered on Saturday, February 11th! Please read through the descriptions below and choose which one you would like to attend in the morning and which one you'd like to attend in the evening.

Parenting: Intentional Ways to Love    Hosted by Carin Agor

We are all involved in some sort of parental relationship. Whether we are the parent, and/or the grandparent, one thing remains true - age changes everything! Our children are not the same people in high school as they were as toddlers. Our adult children are not the same people as they were when they lived under our roof. This roundtable discussion will look at ways that we can intentionally love our children, and our grandchildren, throughout the years. Different stages of life will require different techniques, and it is vital to know how to meet the ones we love where they're at.

Are You a Good Friend?    Hosted by Erina Weible

If you've ever wondered what true, intentional friendship looks like (and how to attain it) after you leave the familiarity of grade school, this session is for you! Adult friendships can be minefields of assumptions and insecurities. Does she want to be my friend? How do I reach out to spend time with her? Is there room for me in that friend group? Do I only look to women who are in the same stage of life as me? Healthy approaches to female friendships will be discussed during this session, and encouragement to nurture and deepen those bonds will be given!

Seasons of Loss: Navigating & Nurturing    Hosted by Debbie Clark

Loss can infiltrate our lives in many ways - it can be a tangible loss where something that once was here is no longer, or it can be an assumed loss where something that was always hoped for never materialized. In both cases, it is important to learn steps on how to navigate it ourselves and how to come alongside others in support. The panel in this Q&A session is made up of women who have experienced great loss and are here to encourage and give hope that there is indeed life after loss. They'll also speak to what others did to encourage them as they walked through these seasons so that we might learn what we can do when those around us are hurting.

The Enneagram Personality Analysis    Hosted by Vikki Wischhoefer

Here we will learn about the 9 different personality types and why each is a beautiful internal wiring intentionally designed by God. Understanding the different Enneagram types will help us be more aware of how we react and respond to others, and, more importantly, it will teach us how we can begin to transform ourselves into people who react and respond more like Christ. The Enneagram model taught here seeks to help people know who they are and whose they are in Christ!