Join a Serve Team

Peninsula Bible Fellowship's mission statement is:


God has made you uniquely YOU. He has created you with specific gifts and talents. And He has called you to serve Him through those gifts and talents.

There are a variety of ways you might choose to use your gifts and talents to serve Him:

  • Within the walls of the church - by joining a Serve Team (greeting, worship, media, hospitality, children's ministry and more)
  • Outside the walls of the church - by visiting the sick, elderly or mourning, volunteering in a local school, serving on the board of an organization, etc.
  • Somewhere in between - by getting involved with one of the local or global missions organizations the church supports.

If you'd like to join a serving team, please email and tell us which team you'd like to join. We'll have the leader of that team reach out to you with more information.

Royal Family Kids

  • Admin/Office Team
  • Communications Team
  • Communion Team
  • Greeting Team
  • Hospitality Team
  • Kitchen Team
  • Media/Tech Team
  • Missions Team
  • PBF Kids Team
  • PBF Youth Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Worship Team