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Tune-Up Needed
Until electronic ignition, fuel injection, and computerized almost everything on automobiles, cars needed regular tune-ups.  Oil & filter changes, valve adjustments, points and distributor all required attention about every 3000 miles.  Cost: well under a hundred.  Teslas. Lucids and Rivians haven’t been around that long to know what the effect mileage will be on them, but they’ll eventually need some attention to stay in optimum condition.  Cost: likely well over a thousand.  And probably way more.

No matter how advanced we become technologically, our lives need regular, maybe daily, tune-ups. Which is where the Shop Manual comes in handy.  Especially those sections specifically meant to tune us up.  Like the Book of Proverbs, the four Gospels, the second half of Paul’s epistles, and the whole Book of James.  Thank God we’re saved by grace, but we’re also saved for grace...grace working in us and through us.

Using James’ epistle as the Shop Manual I invite you to go with me under the hood and do some tuning up. Some of us may need major work and perhaps additional, highly qualified help than offered here.  But many will only need some minor adjustments to get our lives running better again the way God intended.

Each week we’ll look at a passage in James, reflect on it briefly, then suggest a specific tune-up. A friend who always DIY’d his own car maintenance once told me, “It always feels like it runs better after you work on it.”  I think it’s the same when we work on our lives to realign them closer to God’s specs.

So, take out your Shop Manual, grab your spanners and drivers and let’s do some tuning-up.  If you’re anything like me, the Service Light on my spiritual dashboard is flashing.  I need to get my life into the workshop!

Jim Rueb