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Ways to Participate

Location: Peninsula Bible Fellowship (parking lot; follow the signs)

What are the “Stations”?

The “Stations of the Cross” is an ancient practice which dates back to the early centuries following Christ’s death. Those who followed Jesus were invited to reflect upon the suffering of Christ on their behalf through a guided pilgrimage. Often they would travel to Jerusalem (by boat or horse) and retrace the steps of Jesus (on foot or mule) from the Garden of Gethsemane to his final crucifixion. The word “Station” derives from the Latin word for standing still (statum). At each location (or, station), pilgrims would stop and consider a different moment of Jesus’ sufferings — through observing, reflecting on Scripture, and responding with words, prayers, or song with the help of a guide. As it became more difficult to visit Jerusalem, many returning pilgrims adapted and erected new Stations in their own cities and churches. The number of Stations varied from as few as six to as many as 30. Customarily, the number of Stations was 12 or 14. 

Why on the Highway?

The execution of Jesus was a public event. Crucifixion was designed to be seen by as many people as possible —  for maximum public exposure and spectacle. Crucifixion aimed at shaming, humiliating, and mocking those crucified as a central aspect of the punishment.  For this reason, crosses were often placed along highways and in modern day parking lots. Just as the “Stations of the Cross” were adapted to new times and places, these Stations have been strategically placed in a parking lot directly above a busy highway. You are invited as a modern-day pilgrim to this unique drive-thru experience. 

Why Participate?

In an age of constant distraction, what is often lost is slowing down and reflecting. But you are invited to do just that. In so doing, you will join in a long and ancient practice of Christians throughout millennia who re-traced the steps of Jesus to bear witness to his death on their behalf. To witness Jesus’ torment, betrayal, and death on the cross. The “Stations on the Highway” is a fresh opportunity to enter into Christ’s suffering only to realize that it is Christ who first entered into ours.

*All artwork for these Stations are by Scott Erickson and are part of a series entitled “Stations on the Street.”