One of the biggest factors that keeps kids connected to Jesus throughout their growing up years, but especially after they graduate High School, is the intergenerational relationships they have in the church.

We invite you to be one of those people in a kids’ life that help them experience the love of Jesus, reminding them they are made in God’s image, and continually points them to Him.

We also invite those of you who don’t think you’re a “kid person” to help equip those “kid people” in a more behind-the-scenes role.

Both roles are very important if we want to reach kids with the Gospel and train them to reach others.

Places where you can serve:

Infants: caring for our youngest ones, helping parents feel comfortable dropping off their baby, building trust with children, speaking “Jesus Loves You” over them

Toddlers: Getting on the floor to play with kids and make them feel special, helping them listen to Bible stories (maybe for the first time), assisting in a simple craft and snack time.

Preschoolers: Engaging with kids through play, Bible story time and group activity time, reminding kids that God created them and loves them.

Kindergarten-5th grade Small Group Leader: connecting with 4-8 kids helping them build friendships with each other, engaging them in the main point of the Bible lesson and helping them personalize it through a variety of fun activities geared for their unique age provided in the lesson plan.

K-5th grade Large Group Leader: Creatively communicating and facilitating the large group experience for kids (20ish minutes), connecting the main point with the Bible story, helping kids see the Bible as one whole story (“script” is provided).

Midweek Prep Team: Supporting and equipping PBF Kids ministry by preparing small group leader materials for Sunday, organizing resource supplies, decorating classrooms, etc.

Prayer Team: not an official team of PBF Kids but we gladly invite anyone and everyone to pray for our PBF Kids volunteers, the children who attend and their families, and for staff.

Each volunteer and role is critical for helping kids experience Jesus. And you get to experience Jesus too whether you’re doing it right alongside kids or in the background!

If you’re interested in serving or finding out more about these roles, we’d love to talk with you!
The first step of the process is to complete a volunteer application. A background check with references is done for every volunteer and staff person who works with minors at PBF.