Pray the Psalms (900 x 300 px)

Why pray the Psalms?
Praying the Psalms is a practice dating at least as far back as King David.  Fifteen hundred years later the Psalms became the heart of medieval Christian life and worship for a thousand years.

Today the Psalms are prayed most often in the liturgy of the Anglican Church.  It’s an especially sublime experience at Evensong sung by college choirs like King’s and St. John’s, Cambridge.  I count it a lifetime treasure to have attended several hundred of those services, each one bringing the Psalms home to my soul.

Praying the Psalms is a wonderful way to pray, or at least to begin your prayer.  One big spiritual plus is the Psalms provide words that transcend my own feeble and often repetitive words.  Praying the Psalms can transport my soul from my current needs towards the loving heart and larger will of God.

“Pray about everything,” (Phil. 4:6 LB) for sure!  And any words will do!  Praying the Psalms however can enhance our conversation with God and expand our hearts into larger spiritual territory.

I invite you to take this journey with me this fall into that larger territory!   Each week you’ll receive a suggested Psalm you may pray.  I hope it’ll encourage a practice that helps take you closer to the heart and will of God!

Let’s Exalt His Name Together!
Jim Rueb