Meet our High School Director: Charlie Sponsel

Charlie Sponsel

A little about myself ... I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Portland, Oregon and gave my life to Jesus Christ at a middle school spring retreat. My heart is for students to learn who God is, find their identity in Christ and not in the world, and to glorify God through the Holy Spirit's guidance in their daily lives.

I've worked in youth ministry as a staffer, intern, or volunteer for the last 14 years. I'm passionate about Jesus, youth, cycling, and my beloved Minnesota Vikings. I can't wait to meet you.


Meet our Middle School Director: David Kinjorski

David & Megan

What's Up?!

I'm David Kinjorski, I am married to the wonderful Megan Kinjorski, and it is crazy that I get to be the Middle School director at this amazing church! My dad was in the army through my whole childhood and teen years so I moved every couple of years and never got to be a part of a steady youth group experience. But God works in mysterious ways and shaped my life to be able to be here now and walk beside you all as your friend, teacher, and brother in Christ! I've had various different ministry experiences, including being a youth pastor in a small town in New Mexico, but ultimately He has given me a heart to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to build up his Church [that's YOU!]. That's what I'm here to do; I'm stoked to hang with you guys and girls at youth group and have a TON of fun! See you there!