Update from the Demo Family

Dear Peninsula Bible Fellowship,
We just wanted to briefly update you on the situation with Bona’s kidneys.
On the 3rd of October we had the visit at the hospital in Ohio and they put her on their system. We are so happy that the Lord provided this opportunity.
The doctors mentioned that she would need to have a kidney transplant sometime in December 2022- February 2023.

Some days ago we heard from the hospital of another challenge. They said that they just found out that Bona has a very high HLA (meaning that her blood system is very sensitive toward transplant, they said is 99%, that means that her body has very high chance to refuse the transplant) Because of this they need to do more examinations from the kidney donors that will be a good match for her. So, meaning that the opportunity to find the good match for her are low.

At this moment, we are just praying that the Lord will find the right person that not only has 0 type blood but will be match to the specifics of the requirements that Bona’s blood needs. 

We know that we are finding ourselves like a “red sea” situation, but we know that the Lord will intervene in the right time as he is pleased.

Please continue join us in prayer that the Lord will heal her or find the right match for Bona’s kidney

Here we are including the Ohio Hospital link and information regarding a person who can consider to  become a kidney donor for Bona:

  • You can also just send the following link to any potential donors and they can go in to apply to be a donor, they will need to provide her name when asked. Our assessment is computer-based and will identify if they meet the basic criteria to be a donor. If they have any absolute contraindications, it would stop asking the questions, thank them, and let them know they are not a candidate to be a donor at this time and the reason why. The living donor application can be found here: https://www.osuwexmedlivingdonor.org/
  • If any potential living donors make it through the initial screening, their assessment will then be sent to one of our living donor coordinators, who will further screen for any potential contraindications. If they are determined to be good candidates, our next step is to call them and let them know and then have them go to a local lab and complete a blood test to determine their blood type (important to know if they are a match) and a urinalysis. If we have multiple potential donors, we typically will start with those whose blood types are compatible, are closest in age, etc. We only move one donor through the process at a time, so if we have multiple, we would attempt to pick the “best fit”. Location may play a part in that, as we would have to have the donor come to Columbus for their evaluation. We do evaluations every Monday and donors do complete all of their required testing in that one day. That is something we would discuss with you all if multiple donors are all blood type compatible.
  • Here you have the information that you may need to fill out for the kidney recipient: Valbona Demo, birthday: December 19,1978

Thank you so much dear Brent for being alongside us with your love, care, prayers and great support.
We are so thankful
In Him
Edi ,Bona Noel, Sion