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Worship Song

Bible Verse


  • What kinds of lights does Mr. Kirk share with Mr. Steve? (flashlight, matches, Bible/Jesus)
  • What was Mr. Kirk nervous about sharing Jesus with Mr. Steve? (he thought Mr. Steve would make fun of him)
  • Do you ever feel nervous or embarrassed to share Jesus with people around you?
  • Why do you think it’s important to share Jesus with people? (we can tell them about the Good News of Jesus and how much He loves them)

ACTIVITY: Jesus Turns Things Upside Down

  • Print off the attached “Situations & Verses” page. Cut situation and verse into slips. You should have 15 slips. Fold them up and put them in a bowl.
Situations & Verses
  • First person chooses a slip, opens and reads the situation. And then consider how to be a light for Jesus in that situation. Read the Bible verse and see if it supports your answer or gives you another idea of how to be a light. 
  • After that person shares, the rest of the group can add their thoughts of how to be a light.
  • Continue this process for a few rounds or until all the slips have been chosen.
  • Consider praying with your family each morning this week, asking God to help you be a light for Him during the day.
  • Then at dinner, ask each other “How were you a light for Jesus today?” (If you don’t get much traction with that question, try these: How did you show kindness today? How did you encourage someone today?)
  • And if someone is struggling to answer, it’s okay. This is not meant to be shaming. It’s a way to get each other thinking ahead of time about how to be kind and encouraging – a light – to those around you).
  • Remind each other that being a light for Jesus means showing the love of Jesus to others. That can be done with actions more than words sometimes.


Thank God for sending Jesus to be our light and to give us eternal life. Ask Him to help your family share His love with others, being a light to them.