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Weekend activity: Draw a Portrait

Gather your family and have each person think of someone who loves them but don’t say out loud who it is. Just keep it to yourself for now.  Then each one draw (or paint) a picture of that person. After everyone is finished, share your portraits with each other and try to guess who the portrait is. The “artist” then shares who it is and how they felt loved by that person.

Unless you are a trained artist, drawing a picture of someone can be difficult, especially when you are painting someone you know and want to draw them exactly how you see them. Watch the Blue Box on Sunday morning to see Mr. Steve try to paint someone with help from a special visitor. 

Share your family's portrait in the PBF Kids Family Facebook Group!




  • Who did Steve meet from the Bible? (Simeon)
  • Who had Simeon been waiting to see? (the Messiah)
  • What book of the Bible did Simeon read the verses from? (Isaiah)
  • What are some of the names that Simeon called Jesus? (Wonderful Counselor, Might God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Immanuel)
  • What are some other names that you know you can call Jesus?
  • Simeon also said Jesus was a sign from God. What message did God want to send through Jesus?
  • Read John 1:14. What can we see of God in Jesus? (His glory, all of His grace and truth)

ACTIVITY: Names of Jesus

Over the years, Jesus has been exalted by name in so many different ways. Today your family will have a chance to remember some of those names and to think about how those different names will help you in specific situations in your lives.

  • Copy off the “names of Jesus” page (on legal size paper if you have it) for each person or you just 1 if you plan take turns doing the coloring.
  • Gather a bunch of markers or crayons.
  • Share with your family "we will be coloring in all the names of Jesus on the paper, but we will be doing them ONE at a time and together ... so don't go ahead." 
  • Look at the sheet and choose one of the names (e.g. “Prince of Peace”) 
  • As you color the words in, ask some questions about that name. For example:
    • What does peace mean?
    • Why is it important to know that Jesus was about peace?
    • What situations in your life do you need Jesus to be the 'Prince of Peace'?" (This question is the most important.)
  • Repeat for each of the names of Jesus. Color in the name and discuss a few questions about what that name means, why Jesus would be called that, and why it is important to know that Jesus is called that name.
  • Always finish with the question, "What situations in your life do you need Jesus to be the (name)?"


Share prayer requests. Everyone’s encouraged to pray. Or just read the suggested prayer.

“Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus to be with us and for showing us your grace and truth and everlasting love through Him. Thank you also for bringing peace, strength, encouragement and help to us because of our relationship with you. We love you!"