Family Church Lesson

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During the sermon today, some subject matter may not be appropriate for the whole family.

Take this time to set up a place for kids to watch a couple of videos after the Kids Message.

If you don’t have Right Now Media, you can sign-up HERE for free!

Get kids set to watch 2 episodes of Monster Truck Adventures—
The Pennant Race & The Truck Who Cried Tow

In the videos, Meteor and his friends learned important Biblical lessons that apply to their everyday lives. Just like life in Crushington Park, its important for us to ask for forgiveness when we’ve done something wrong. Mr. Steve will introduce you to another friend who realizes how important forgiveness is during the Kid’s Message.






1 JOHN 1:9


What did Miles do wrong? (He knew his friend Rev had stolen the school’s candy but he accepted it from his friend anyway; he lied and did not tell his mom what had happened at school, and he hit his sister when he rushed to his room.)

What did Miles feel like when he was in his room alone? (He was mad at everybody, but especially himself. After he was mad he got sad about what he had done.)

What road sign helped Miles get on the right road again? (U turn)

What did Miles do to make a U turn? (He prayed, and then told his mom and sister he was sorry, he also apologized to the principal. He started making things right.)

What can we do to get on the “right road” with God? (Confess and ask for forgiveness.)

Have you ever been in as much trouble as Miles was? What did you do?


Choose one person to be ‘It’ (the traffic light) and stand a good distance away from the other players with her back to them.

The other players stand in a line facing whoever is ‘It’.

When the person who is ‘It’ calls ‘Green Light,’ the other players move towards him until he spins around, calling ‘Red Light.’

When they hear the ‘Red Light. command the other players must freeze on the spot.

Anyone seen moving must return to the starting line. Everyone must remain frozen until the next ‘Green Light’ command is given.

At any point ‘It’ can call ‘U Turn"‘ and force players to turn around so that they will be moving in the opposite direction.

Play continues in this manner until someone reaches and tags ‘It’. The tagger becomes the new ‘It’ and the game begins again.

We’d love to see your game of Red Light, Green Light! Share a photo or video on the PBF Kids Facebook Group!

It would be heaven on earth if we were always going the right direction, moving forward without any stops. But as we learned today, sometimes we go down the wrong road and thats when we need to be reminded of what God tells us in the bible. He will forgive us. Turning to Him and trusting Him is always the right way forward.


Share prayer requests. Everyone’s encouraged to pray. Or just read the suggested prayer.

“Jesus, we are so grateful for what you did for us on the cross. You died for our sins. Because you took our place, God sees us as clean, like we never sinned. All you ask from us is that we believe in You and confess our sins, and You promise to forgive us. Thank You that we can live forever with Jesus and that nothing can stop that promise. Amen.”

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