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Sunday School for the whole family!

The whole thing will take 30 minutes at most. Find a special place to meet each week so kids know what to expect and can be ready to learn with you. Here’s what it will look like…


Kick off your new “family church” with a game to get kids thinking about the story they will hear.


There will be a short message for kids that will start after the first two songs of the online message.

Worship Song

We will provide you with a link to a song to worship together with (and maybe there will be motions to do or you can make some up together).

Bible Verse

A new Bible verse is posted each week to memorize as a family.


You’ll also get a few questions (and some answers) to discuss as a family. Try to give a few examples from your life to help connect with kids and use this time to grow your family closer together and to God.


The best part! There will be a fun game, craft, or project every week. This will reinforce the story and help apply it to our lives. We will focus on providing activities with little to no supplies that every age can enjoy. It’s important for parents to engage as much as possible.


We’ll give you a word for word prayer to conclude your time together as a family. Use it directly or as a guide. Have everyone offer prayer requests and allow kids to pray too!