Demo Family - Urgent Medical Need

Click on the YouTube video below to hear how you can help save a life!

Select, "Bona Demo Kidney Transplant" from the dropdown menu.

Hi- If you’re receiving this page, it means someone believes you are a kind and charitable person who would be willing to give so that Bona Demo can have a lifesaving treatment - a kidney transplant at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.

You might wonder who we are - Peninsula Bible Fellowship is a church in the heart of central Kitsap County in Washington State. We’ve been connected to Edi and giving to his ministry the Illyricum Movement, for more than 6 years. I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a harder worker for Christ and Edi’s love for Christ is evident in hundreds of ways. God has blessed his ministry abundantly.

We promise that every dollar that we receive for the Edi Demo fund (less the processing charges incurred) will go directly to Edi and Bona. We have a 47 year history of faithful giving to missionaries around the world. If you give, you’ll receive notice of how and when your funds were disbursed to the Demo family. Peninsula Bible Fellowship is pledging $5,000 out of its operating fund to begin the giving.

Realize that every gift - whether it is $5 or $50,000 will help the Demo’s with this last big financial lift so that Bona can receive treatment.

But we’d like to also ask you, if you will tell Edi’s message on social media by using the link above and, if you’re so willing, reach out to 5 people you think might want to help the Demo family. In a world filled with so much division and animosity, it’s a gift to be able to say to a wonderful human being - we’d like to help! God bless you however you can give.