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Join this evening of reflection, worship and communion tonight at 7:00pm at Peninsula Bible Fellowship. 



Tonight we’ll be celebrating a Tenebrae service (a somber experience characterized by gradual diminishing of light) as we consider Isaiah 53. In tonight’s worship service, you’ll notice, as each verse(s) is read, a lamp will be dimmed, until we leave in darkness. Our hope is that you’ll leave feeling the terrible weight and sadness of the cross—as the last lamp is darkened, that you will feel the deep loss of the Light and Life of the world. We’ll leave tonight in silence and gather for worship Sunday morning to behold the tomb.


PBF observes communion by intinction, meaning those participating receive a piece of bread and dip it in the common cup of nonalcoholic wine. All believers in Jesus Christ are welcome, and this sacrament is not set aside solely for members. Guests are welcome. For children, the decision to take communion is left to the child and parent.